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We offer personalized counseling to students regarding their educational options and assist in enrolment within the institution of their choice. 

We assist students with the preparation and lodgement of student visas and have a 99% success rate. 

We organize briefings to provide information on living in Australia and the rules and regulations governing students in Australia. 

We provide assistance in obtaining accommodation to suit a student’s lifestyle and budget. 

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What are the eligibility requirements for entering the Florida USA competition?

If you are single, never married, never given birth to or have adopted a child, a United States citizen, a resident of the State of Florida for at least 3 months prior to the competition weekend, or are a full-time student in a Florida school, and you were born in the years specified on the APPLY page, you are eligible to apply to be a Miss or a Teen Florida USA Hometown Delegate for this coming competition. Please see the APPLY page for more specific information.

Are there any height or weight requirements to compete?

No. There are no required height, weight or specific measurements that qualify you to compete. The selection committee is looking for body proportion, good physical health and personality.

How many delegates will be selected to represent hometowns throughout the year?

The number of delegates varies each year, and are limited by host hotel and theatre capacity scenarios. Delegates are selected based on area of representation, responses to the application questionnaire, and eligibility. You can nominate a delegate as well as apply.

What happens after I submit my photo & information?

After your photo and application are received, your application is reviewed by our committee, who will notify you by email if you are selected to represent your hometown. Should you accept your selection, the registration materials will be sent to you. Please fill out the application fully. These responses are not shared or used in the competition weekend.

What are the costs?

Each delegate is responsible for paying a registration and a sponsorship fee, which covers the production of competition weekend, meals during the event and all related activities. We will provide you with information to help secure sponsorship to cover the cost. You may elect to cover 100% of your fees through fundraising efforts.

Where/how can I secure sponsors?

Sponsorship can help defray the costs associated with entry fee, wardrobe, etc. Sponsors can include, but are not limited to your family, friends, local businesses, sororities, organizations and clubs, schools, etc. You may secure sponsors from anywhere in or out of state. Take this opportunity to perfect your communications skills. Many local businesses will be supportive when you share your goals with them. If selected, you will receive Official Delegate Paperwork to help secure sponsorship. It is possible to not incur any out of pocket expenses.

Do I have to spend a lot of money on my wardrobe?

Rehearsal clothing is very casual, and event clothing is about personal style, and all can be from your wardrobe. Shop your own wardrobe first before heading out to a store. What is important is to select outfits that you feel confident in, that best suits your body type and personality, and reflects how you wish to be viewed as in the world. Your personal choice of a gown spans from simple to more elaborate. It is never the gown that the selection committee is scoring; it’s the young woman wearing it. We provide our sponsors information to you as a resource.

What is the judging criteria for the competition?

1/3 Interview, 1/3 Physical Fitness, 1/3 Evening Gown Interview-You will appear before the selection committee in a private setting for a three minute interview. The Selection Committee will use this opportunity to consider your personality, and overall presence. They will discuss items directly from your interview form that you previously completed. This is your chance to express your opinions, ability to communicate, and overall sense of self. You may be asked questions regarding your family, education, hobbies, occupation, community involvement, goals, like and dislikes. ALL Interviews are conversational. During the on stage interview competition, the Selection Committee is looking for the same qualities, and also how you handle speaking in front of an audience. Swimsuit scores are assessed on overall physical fitness, beauty, poise and if you demonstrate a healthy lifestyle. Physical measurements are not considered. Evening Gown segment will focus on stage presence, confidence, elegance, poise, overall appearance, and sense of fashion and style.

Can anyone assist me with hair and make-up on competition weekend?

Only Official Staff is allowed in the dressing room or backstage during the competition weekend. There will be chaperones in the dressing rooms to assist you with some of your wardrobe changes. There will be an Official team of professional make-up artists and hair stylists present at the event to help with touchups. We recommend you view You-Tube videos on the official Miss USA/Miss Universe channel for 'how-to' vidoes.

Are tattoos or body piercings allowed?

Tattoos and piercing are a statement of your individuality, and it is up to you whether you choose to show them. If you feel that it may be offensive, you may want to cover it.

What happens if I should win and how much time is involved?

There are certain responsibilities that accompany the privilege of becoming a state USA titleholder. We understand the importance of school and family and will make every effort to schedule appearances around those priorities. Appearances includes speaking engagements, modeling, charity events, galas, trade shows, etc. The biggest commitment is your responsibility to represent our state in the national MISS USA or MISS TEEN USA pageant. This can vary from a one to three week trip.

Does registration secure my participation in the program?

Registration secures your participation and allows us to assign your Hometown Title and order your Official Delegate Sash, add you to our Private Delegate Facebook page and send out the Delegate Handbook. As a registered delegate you represent our Miss Universe Organization at the local level, and may not affiliate with any other pageant, pageant event, or pageant director with your sash and crown. You may only wear our official crown with our official sash. The Miss Universe Organization is a global brand, and Miss USA, MIss Florida USA and MIss Florida Teen USA are all owned by the same entity.

Are there any preliminary events to the State competition?

We do not have ANY preliminary events for the state competition. All applications are reviewd for eligibility, interest, location, ambitions, and/or achievements. Selections are made once this review has been completed, and you wil be notified by mail. You may schedule a call once your have received your notification. If you have any questions please email


Excellent is definitely an understatement! You guys rock! Koala relates to students at the deepest personal level and I made the right choice to go to Macquarie thanks to Koala! 

Gabriel Mureithi

I just wanted to inform everyone that you did great work right from the Uni Melbourne admission to visa procurement.​

You are the best, keep up the wonderful work!

Motunrayo Bashir

Very good services! I loved working with Koala. All updates were given regularly. They offered me options for my studies and advised me on the best option for me I am very satisfied and happy. Thank you very much Koala for providing me an amazing opportunity. 

Ann Muchiri

Koala was promising from the first day I visited. They were like a family when it came to advice and suggestions. They reminded me of what needed to be done timely. Thank you to the whole team! 

Agnes Masea




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